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Making it up as we go along


Where I've Studied

Washington Improv Theatre's Harold Curriculum

The Second City Conservatory

The Second City's Improv for Actors 

The Magnet Theatre

Why Study Improv?

Have you ever had to give a last minute presentation with confidence? Had to collaborate quickly and efficiently with new colleagues? Needed a new idea when you just felt stuck? Then you need improv!

I'm a firm believer that improv can change lives. It sure changed mine!

So let's learn to say "Yes, and," to our ideas and follow the fun!


Innovate and Collaborate

In Improv, you only look good if you're making your partner look good. We work together quickly as a team to create dynamic scenarios.


You'd be amazed what you can come up with when you turn off your self-editor and allow yourself to just create! 

Working to build up your partners, and support their ideas, only leads to more innovation and fun!

Take the skills we learn in improv and apply them directly to your next big business idea.

Let's Get Improvising!

Visit my "Contact Me" page to set up a consultation.

Let me know how improv can work for you!

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